Sustainable Design

Sustainability is not about showcase projects

We have projects of  all types - completed, under construction and on the boards - that run the gamut of internationally recognized sustainable design measures,  including LEED,  CHPS and BREEM. In each case, we seek to derive design solutions of richness  and power by integrating the intelligence of natural systems to create humane  places of enduring value, that are socially, economically and environmentally  sustainable.

Invariably, the web  of project circumstances includes finite resources, so at each step of the  design process we maximize opportunities for the pragmatic use of sustainable  design principles. Our approach has enabled us to attain the highest  sustainability benchmarks compared to our peers on similar projects. A  testament to our success is recognition of our work in national design  publications dedicated to green building design, and our knowledgeable team  members serving as featured speakers at sustainability roundtables.

QDG Architecture is a member of the U.S.  Green Building Council, has several LEED accredited professionals on staff and an active Sustainability  Workgroup dedicated to  research, dissemination and implementation of sustainable design ideas and  processes. Our practice and the broader community stand to benefit from the  interplay of these ideas and strategies.

Sustainability is about every  project.

                  The LEED® Certification is a trademark owned by the U.S. Green Building Council and is used with permission.