QDG Architecture is dedicated to solving the important design challenges of our times. What we build impacts people’s lives and affects the environment, so in our philosophy, the practice of architecture is much more than just the creation of structures, it is the creation of environments in which people spend their lives. We are interested in how spaces are experienced by the people who live and work in them. We build environments that are effective, responsive, and engaging. We create buildings that enhance our communities and value the surrounding culture, while improving the overall quality of life.

With the highly focused efforts of our design team, our firm is able to offer a full range of architectural and planning services. The list of services is also a chronicle of how QDG has developed solid partnerships with clients through shared creativity and vision, completing a sizable range of diverse project types.

We apply a pragmatic approach to technology, constructability, cost effectiveness, and sustainability, making every project that we undertake achieve many levels of success. We build to encompass the full range of human experience because it’s the only way to get full value and meaning for dollars spent. We have no set “style” or design agenda, but rather develop each specific project to meet the needs, wants and desires of our clients – this ultimately leads to a seamless architectural experience.


QDG Architecture is a Los Angeles based firm offering a full range of   architectural and planning services. The firm’s partnership was   established in 1996 with the intent that each project   accomplishes certain goals:

  • Every project designed by the firm   will enhance, compliment and improve its immediate   surroundings, staying within budget, regardless of the scale and type.
  • Actively seek thoughtful collaboration   with clients whose goals align with our mission to positively contribute to   Community, Culture and Quality of Life.
  • Embrace new challenges, and   constantly push the boundaries of experience and creativity, affirming on each   project that it’s possible to be within our client’s   schedule and resources –   and exceed expectations.

Our  goal is to celebrate and contribute to society and life. We hope that your  experience with our firm will be challenging,  enjoyable and rewarding.